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I’m not sure if things will go back to normal…

  ”My work is the finger work.”- Kumar, Bottle Rocket(1996)

Bronson. Bronson.

Every Woody Allen Stammer From Every Woody Allen Movie Ever.

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The Story
ZEN DOG is an independent feature film about one man’s quest across the United States to potentially OFF himself with a coin toss atop the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s about abandoning the comforts of the modern world in order to press into the unknown and truly live. ZEN DOG will follow Mud Takashi, a complacent man in his late twenties who was adopted and raised by Japanese parents. Mud’s dissatisfaction with life is fueled by circumstance and the idea that there must be something greater than himself out there to discover. Having never left California, Mud decides to sell everything, pack his bags and head out to the road less traveled. Along his path he encounters his own set of trials and tribulations and eventually meets Bel, a cosmic spark of energy equally lost in a world of her own. If Mud represents the past and the future, Bel most certainly is the idea of the NOW. She teaches Mud the true meaning of detachment and ultimately becomes the focal point of both desire and suffering.
In order to get to his final destination, Mud purchases a used 1969 Volkswagen from a reformed ex-hippy at the beginning of our story. While on his journey, he discovers a box of leftover cassette tapes in the trunk. One of the tapes happens to be a spoken-word mix tape of the late philosopher ALAN WATTS. Watts soon becomes the pseudo-narrator throughout the film and propels Mud as well as the audience into a world of self-discovery and actualization.