standing at 20ft 2.5in, is the new creation of @RichieTrimble. Tallest Bike on the Planet!
Damn! Check out our friend Richie on his new 20’ 2.5” tall bike!

standing at 20ft 2.5in, is the new creation of @RichieTrimble. Tallest Bike on the Planet!

Damn! Check out our friend Richie on his new 20’ 2.5” tall bike!


Take a ride with our friend Richie from Downtown Los Angeles to Venice beach on his STOOPIDTALL 15 foot tall bike. Also check out the article by Sara Bond here!


Church of F.U.N. @reverendtroy @fivefixedtwo @spencerjharding @catherinebrooks

WTF! The Ride! Simultaneous Bike Angeles Ride 2night!!

What The Fuck! The Ride! is going to be riding the ride this tonight night 9-19-12!
Brodcasting LIVE to Los Angeles for night 6 of Bike Angeles!
meet king william park
leaving 945pmish
Yours truly will be leading BOTH rides here in SATX and in LA via telepathic communicado, calling out turns and stop lights. A ridiculously dangerously awesomely feat never before attempted in the history of bike rides! Attendance is strongly ill advised!

The Ovarian-Psycos Bicycle Brigrade hosted the all-women bicycle ride Clitoral Mass this past Saturday after months of organizing, and weeks of activities leading up to the event. The ride is the first of its kind in Los Angeles, bringing women from all parts of Los Angeles, California and even some riders from out of state, to do a single-sex Critical Mass styled ride. Alice Strong, a long time bike activist, said that at most rides she is used to seeing the familiar female faces from the bike movement at large rides. Yet at Clitoral Mass, she saw so many female riders she has never seen before, she said. “It’s the first ride with women that it’s been that large.” For more information about the Ovarian Psycos, visit


2nd & Figueroa at the midnight drag race in downtown LA


WEST SIDE MOSEY video shot and edited by two of my friends Richie and Rick. Its beautiful, it give me chills, its is a great representative for what we on the rides. Our lives are ridiculous. My favorite part is the close ups of all of my friends faces and they just look so happy. Also the dancing. I am wearing the blue wig. 

friends. bikes. beautifulness.WSM


WHERE THE HELL IS WALDO is an all city “Alley Kat Style” Scavenger hunt
race. Cyclist are given an address and clues of where to find Waldo (real
person or wheat paste) at key landmarks through out the city. No route,
however you get there is up to your knowledge of the city.
This year, in honor of our 3 year anniversary, we will be hosting the WHIS3
in Brooklyn NY, Los Angeles CA, and San Antonio, TX on the same day!!!
After parties are TBA, but request to host have already been put in our ear.
As you know we like to ride hard and play hard so lets have fun!!!!!

the WHAT THE FUCKERS are assembling a team!